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Tove Jansson and the Moomins

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Tove Jansson and the Moomins
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the place where the Moomins, their friends and other characters from the writer Tove Jansson live.
сlick on characters to get to know them better :)
the place where the Moomins, their friends and other characters from the writer Tove Jansson live.
welcome to Moominvalley!
welcome to Moominvalley!

So who is behind the creation of the Moomin universe?

So who is behind the creation of the Moomin universe?

Our main character is sincere, sympathetic, loves his parents and friends. Moomin always craves something new, mysterious and unusual, which often worries his mother.

Sometimes it seems to Moomintroll that time is slowing down, and his thoughts are growing — in fact, it is he himself who is growing.
She is Moomintroll's friend and sometimes sees him as her prince charming, although their relationship is very innocent. Snork Maiden wears bangs and a gold anklet, her natural color is light green. She is very flirtatious and smart, as befits a real lady, she loves jewelry and spend one's time in front of the mirror.
Snork Maiden
Moomintroll's best friend. He spends every summer in Moominvalley, and in the fall he goes to distant countries.
A tireless traveler, he loves solitude, smokes a pipe and plays the harmonica. Lives in a tent and keeps as few things as possible, considering them a burden.
Brother of Snork Maiden.
Outwardly, hi's very similar to Moomintroll, but, like all Snorks, changes color depending on his mood. Likes to put everything in order and hold meetings on any occasion. Very serious and slightly arrogant. He dreams of inventing “a machine that can decide... what is good and what is bad.”
Is an eerie and gloomy creature from which the cold blows, the earth freezes and plants die. In earlier books, he is presented as a dangerous, predatory monster with no personality. However, later Tove Jansson showed her as a very lonely and deeply unhappy person.
The Groke
Mysterious and tireless eternal wanderers. Hattifnates see poorly, hear nothing and cannot speak. They travel the world in search of electrical storms, during which they gather on some deserted island and feed on energy. After which they emit a ghostly glow and give a painful electric shock.
As a rule, Hemulens are individuals who are completely devoted to one interest. Our Hemulen first collected stamps, and then became interested in botany.
Hemulens tend to be boring, like to command, are bad at listening to the opinions of others, and have absolutely no sense of humor.
Snufkin's half-sister. Brave and fearless, she always wants to join Moomins on their adventures. Sometimes, when others are too sentimental, she quickly brings them back down to earth with her sharp observations.
Little My
A well-known writer in Moominvalley, the author of memoirs, he independently built Moominhouse. In his youth he traveled a lot. Moominpappa and Moominmama met when, during a storm, the sea brought her straight into his arms.
An ideal mother, the embodiment of kindness, tenderness and care, is always ready to receive her beloved son’s friends, feed everyone, surround them with attention and put them to bed. Moominmama wants everyone to be happy and values everyone's individuality, but will intervene if someone offends someone.
Moomintroll's friend. Outwardly, it resembles a baby rat and values its tail very much. Good-natured, but a little selfish and cowardly, although he often overcomes his fears if there is a chance of treasure or wealth. Loves everything bright, shiny and creatures that are smaller than himself.
Sister of Little My and half-sister of Snufkin. Their mother is also called Mymble, but being a responsible older sister, Mymble soon took care of all the younger brothers and sisters. She falls in love easily and often dreams of finding the love of her life.
Being descendants of the Scandinavian trolls, in the distant past the Moomins came from the forests to people's houses to live behind the stoves and become some kind of goblins; but when steam heating replaced stove heating almost everywhere, they had to look for other places to live.
Являясь потомками скандинавских троллей, в далёком прошлом муми-тролли пришли из лесов в дома людей, чтобы жить за печами и стать неким подобием домовых; но когда паровое отопление почти повсеместно вытеснило печное, им пришлось искать другие пристанища.
Swedish-born Finnish writer, artist, novelist, illustrator and comic book writer.
She is one of the best Finnish artists of all time, and also the most widely read Finnish author abroad.
Tove Jansson —
Tove Jansson was born
on August 9, 1914 in Helsinki
She grew up in a creative atmosphere: Tove's mother was the famous artist Signe Hammarsten, and her father was the recognized sculptor Viktor Jansson. Tove also had two younger brothers: Per Olov Jansson became a photographer, and Lars Jansson became an artist.
Parents strongly encouraged their children to find their own path in art. Already in her teens, Tove performed illustrations for a popular children's magazine, the editor-in-chief of which was a good friend of her parents.
Tove Jansson. Family, 1942
After graduating from high school, at the age of 15, Tove Jansson went to study in Sweden, where she received a diploma from the College of Art, after which she completed an internship at art schools in France, Germany, and Italy.
After completing her studies abroad, Tove returned home and in the 1930s began illustrating books and drawing commissioned cartoons for various publications.
Jansson gained worldwide fame thanks to the book series about the Moomins.
In her books, Tove Jansson embodied the dream of a free and safe place where you can always return, where everyone can be themselves and have the right to self-expression.
The world of the Moomins is based on the image of a house in which the lights are always on and loved ones are waiting for you, delicious food and a warm bed are ready.
The inhabitants of Moominvalley are not alike: among them there are grumblers, anxious people, narcissistic characters, but in the Moomin house, each of them finds shelter and love, everyone is accepted for who they are.
In 1939, the aspiring artist was horrified by the events taking place in Europe and Finland, her work had stalled, it seemed completely impossible to even try to draw, so in order to escape from the worries and difficulties of the war years, she decided to write a story about an unusually happy family.
«...Perhaps it was understandable that I suddenly felt an urge to write down something that would begin with “Once upon a time”».
«What followed had to be a fairy tale – that was inevitable».
Tove Jansson in Pellinge. © Per Olov Jansson
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